Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Moving on...that's all I'm going to say

Yes, moving on.  I'm not going to take myself back and worry about the OVER 2 YEARS that have lapsed since my last visit here... So... moving on... :)

On thursday, october 31st, two thousand and thirteen,  we ditched our costumes and halloween candy....jumped in our van and drove to charlotte.  You see, after two long years, our hard-working, stalwart, devoted, changed-into-a-man, missionary son stepped off the plane and back into our everyday lives!

                                             We couldn't arrive sans welcome signs..
(sans means "without" in french...a little frenglish for you)

There are no words....

Our oldest son came all the way from californ-I-A to be here with us..
I told him I liked his Jesus hair...
(honest...I was a little jealous because it was actually a little longer than mine)

most touching moment of the day for me..

(may I add that I also love the awkward stances of the boy cousins in the background...
 and the melt-my-heart expression from the girl cousin)

the whole gang!


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