Thursday, January 9, 2014


I am thankful for Persistence....

Persistence gives us the chance to win and the ability to realize our hopes and dreams.  Where we are lacking, Persistence can make up for it.

You see, we are each blessed with strengths or "gifts", if you will.... and usually, as we grow and get on with our lives, we learn to recognize and develop them over time.

We use our strengths to earn a living, to serve or help those around us, or as a means to experience joy and satisfaction in life.

But the smartest candidate doesn't always land the job; a gifted athlete doesn't always make the college or professional team; the best chef doesn't always open a successful restaurant.

Why is this, you ask?


Persistence is always there to grace the taker who recognizes he or she is not the "best"... who knows they have to study harder, out practice, sweat more blood and tears if they want the chance to seize the prize.

What is Persistence, exactly?

It is this....

and this

Our son, Zach....

This kid was running sprints at the track during Christmas break while most people were.... not.  I watched him...back and forth, back and forth.... as fast as he could.  It would have taken a loud whistle and a bull whip to get me to push myself like that.

He is not the tallest kid on the block... (5'8", to be exact) and when he moved to North Carolina and tried out for the freshman football team, he did not make it.

So he joined the lacrosse club instead, determined to build his strength and stamina.

He went back for more, 3 years later, and earned a starting position as a wide receiver, had an amazing season and finished the year with the MVP award in lacrosse and as South Meck's Male Athlete of the Year.

He set his athletic and personal pursuits aside to serve a 2-year mission for his church but got up early, rain-sleet-or-snow, 5 days a week to run and maintain his health.

The sweet news is, right after I took this picture, Zach received an unexpected phone call from the lacrosse coach at BYU.  Within a week, he was on their field, throwing it all down to earn him a spot.
Tryouts lasted from 7am to 4pm... hardest work out of his life..

but he made the team...

Now that, my friend.... is Persistence.


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