Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Lunch Buffet...

We were going through Miller's backpack this morning getting it ready for school tomorrow and I found this. I promise this is a word-for-word letter Miller wrote to his elementary school principal...probably a language arts writing assignment. Now I ask you...who's kid is this?!

Dear Mrs. Henderson,

Starving, stressed out. That's me after lunch when I don't get enough to eat. If we had a buffet, no one would have to go through that.

If we had a buffet we'd be happy because we wouldn't be starving. I know this because when my dad is hungry he is not all that happy. You try starving every day and see how miserable you'll be. What if you were given a small lunch and you couldn't get full and you got a bad grade after lunch because you couldn't concentrate?

If we had a buffet it would be fair because sometimes people that have a late lunch, sometimes you run out of the main thing. This happened to me when we had chicken nuggets one day. When I got there, salad was the only thing left. Now a buffet may cost a lot but people pay for lunch and the people on free lunch pay for extra so why not a buffet?

100% of the kids in Mrs. Mitchell/Mr. Spivey's class want a buffet for lunch. We would be able to pick what we ate and not be forced to eat what we don't want to. This will help so we can concentrate in class.

If we had a buffet it would help our social skills because we would not be angry because we would not be hungry. If we had a buffet then the teachers would have an easier time teaching because kids will be full and engergized. When people are hungry they intend to slack off and get bad grades in school. People are starving before lunch and then they're stressing because they didn't get enough to eat.

I can see it now....kids coming to lunch hungry and leaving full because you gave us a buffet.


Miller Whitten