Sunday, February 8, 2009

Jett The Poet...Part II

I don't know why, but I never seem to see this kid's work until a major project is due and he has to display it on a pretty board or something. This week was a display of five of Jett's best stories or writing examples that brought this poem to my attention. I guess his ability to write things like this surprises me because he usually says so little and seems to notice very few details when I ask him how his day was....and...he says he absolutely hates to write. In any case, I thought this was really good....

I Can't Imagine
by Jett Whitten
I can't imagine the torture you must face,
leaving our beloved family, going to a foreign country,
raiding ghost towns condemned as if by the devil.
I can't imagine what you must go through, limited rations,
inconvenient living, blistering sun, and the souls of all those who you killed
staring at you with dead eyes in your dreams.
The death of your friends scarring you for all eternity.
I can't imagine your stress, having to hide, having to dive,
having to avoid grenades with shrapnel ready to pierce your very soul.
And worst of all, noble sacrifices made by our troops that were all in vain.
All of this for our country's freedom,
We thank you

Miller Takes it to the District Level...

I've counted up over the years approximately how many science fair projects we have helped put together between all of the boys. I'm not positive, but I think this year was at least the thirteenth one. I hate to say this, but after so many, I find myself totally dreading the time of year when those "packets" come home, spelling out the rules and deadlines for the annual science fair projects.

This year was no exception for me...only two mandatory projects were due this year, instead of three, though (thank heaven!). I decided Weston's project was going to assist me in my quest to find the most cost effective laundry detergent and I told Miller to think of a question he wanted to find the answer to and we would go from there. He decided to find out if listening to music affected a person's heart rate. It was a quick, one-nighter project and it went together easily. Weston's was a little more involved...a couple of loads of laundry, three different detergents, etc....but we were excited about the results and it was finished on time.

Well, for the first time in Whitten family history, one of our science fair projects earned a school trophy and a trip to the District Science Fair this weekend. We were very excited for Miller and the opportunity to enjoy the science fair experience further. There were 600 projects competing from every school, private and public, in Fayette County. Miller was one of the ten finalists from ACE elementary school. Here are some pictures from the awards ceremony at ACE and the day of the district fair. Congrats, Miller! and thanks, Weston, for figuring out that Gain works better than Tide for a fraction of the cost!

Miller at the ACE awards assembly with his TROPHY.

Miller and his project on District Day.

Waiting for the judges.......

Look at all those projects...lots of devoted parents!

The judges asking questions.....
It was a fun day and we saw several friends who were finalists for their own schools. Unfortunately, our experience with the science fair ended here but there was a free t-shirt and lunch afterwards with was all good!