Sunday, November 9, 2008

Jett the Poet....

We were finishing up some homework this evening and Jett asked us to print out this poem he wrote that he had to turn in. I thought it was really good.... The assignment was to do a journal entry about the kind of person you would liked to have been in ancient Egypt and then write a poem based on this journal entry.

I Am A Blacksmith
by Jett Whitten

I am a blacksmith.

I fight for my rights to defend my shop.

My shop is a small building full of the smell of sulfur.

I visit the town market as often as I can.

On the journey I saw a father smiting his child.

The father was furious, something about leaving the boat untied

for this child was weeping like a fountain never ending.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Witchey Witchey, Screamy Screamy, Happy Happy Halloweenie!

Halloween 2008 was a blast. We had beautiful weather, fun parties and lots of cavities...I mean candy. Our festivities began with our ward trunk or treat and a surprise visit from Republican Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin. Then it was on to the Mortenson's annual Halloween Party. Brent and Erin always put on such a fantastic evening with great food, fun and amazing costumes. Rob and I went as golf caddies. Halloween night, we had a great time trick or treating and gettin' down with the karaoke at the Tippetts house. Hollee and Steve should be rock stars....they have some serious talent!

Our Bishop's wife, Amy, made an amazing Sarah!

The boys had a lot of fun dressing up. Weston, for the third year in a row (yes!) donned his goul mask and wig, Jett was a great vampire (thanks to dad's artistic skills with the make up and fake blood) and Miller made a very handsome Indiana Jones.

Rob and I dressed up as Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf for trunk or treat. Rob is warm blooded anyway, but then I made him wear fur on his head, face and hands. This was pretty much the only time Rob had his full costume on. The rest of the time he just wore this furry tail. A nice lady in our ward told him he had a cute tail and it made his night.

Rob, acting frisky. I know....kind of inappropriate with a picture of the Savior in the background...sorry.

Rob dressed up for school on Halloween. I love how he got up extra early to create this bloody masterpiece. Brooke, the teeth are for you!