Thursday, December 25, 2008


Many years ago I came across this website that allows you to create bingo cards for any season or theme. We've been playing Wacky Winter Bingo ever since and several of the boys' teachers have received a set for their classrooms over the years. We decided to have a few people over this year to play Wacky Bingo with us and the only rule was to bring a white elephant gift or your favorite re-giftable. The kids played first and each got to win and pick prizes from the gift basket. Then it was time for the real games to begin. No playing "fairness first"....just GAME ON. So, our friend Ammon won like the first 4 games in a row. His first pick from the prize basket were these awesome tennis shoes (used.)

I also have to add here that we were at his house a few days later and he had been wearing them all day. Only A-man could pull these off and actually make them look stylish and cool.

So, like I said, he kept winning and his next pick were these awesome colognes Rob actually won at the Elder's Quorum Christmas party called "BODman Cologne". There were three different scents..."Black", "Ripped Abs" and I can't remember the other one. Best white elephant ever!

He also won some body lotion and Martinelli's but the next winner swiped his "Ripped Abs" cologne. By the time it made its rounds, Wil was the lucky winner who got to take them (and the Martinelli's) home. He's almost 16.....perfect for his first date.

Our friend, Grant won some hair clips (briefly) and wore them in his hair. I did promise not to post a picture of this.... so you'll just have to imagine it.....since he does sign my Temple recommend.

Rob and the gang...

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Is There Really a Santa Claus?

OK, first of all, SPOILER ALERT!! This post discusses the delicate issue of Santa Claus... so for adult eyes only. The other day, my 12 1/2 year old son, Jett, made a comment about "SC" that had me thinking he might actually still believe he is real. His two younger brothers have both asked certain questions, like, "How does Santa Claus get everywhere right exactly at 12:00?" and, "Santa's writing looks a lot like yours, mom..." I mentioned my concern to Rob and he felt like Jett was just stringing me along so he would for sure get all of his presents. We've always told our boys , "If You Don't Believe then You Don't Receive." But something about what Jett said and the way he said it convinced me he still hadn't figured it out yet. Each year, at our house, "Rudolph" shows up a week or so before Christmas one night while we're getting the kids ready for bed. Someone always sees Rudolph's red nose outside (it's really Rob or Zach or Kevin with a red sweater and flashlight moving around in the yard) and he leaves a gift outside by the door for everyone. Well, Rudolph had just come and I overheard Jett telling one of his friends about it.

Jett: "Uh, actually, my brothers and I are playing a game that Rudolph brought us. Yeah, he's come to our house every single year since I was born...we just put a little food out for him, some oats, and he brings us a present, usually a dvd or something. "

I have no idea what the kid on the other end of the phone was thinking, but fortunately it was his good buddy Dalton who wouldn't think anything Jett did or said was strange.

I actually did talk with him later and told him the truth about "SC" and I was right.....he did think he was real still. He took the news well, though and kind of laughed and said, "This is all starting to make sense now." On one hand I was pleased he was still so innocent and child-like to believe what we told him. On the other, I felt like at his age, I had to tell him the truth. I can't remember how old I actually was when I found out Santa wasn't real, but I remember how I felt when my mom told me. It saddened me to have to end that for Jett and to realize it won't be long before we no longer have any children young enough who "believe". But real or just a wonderful tradition we participate in for the joy and fun of giving, we're sticking to our motto. All Jett asked was that we keep Miller and Weston from finding out for at least another year so he could help hide gifts and be Rudolph next Christmas. Aahh...the tradition carries on.